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Put Your Hands Up!

Putting your arms in the air and waving them back and forth is a motion we all do generally for 4 different reason's.

1. When your in a big crowded area and you are trying to get someone's attention that you want to talk to or that is looking for you. You put your arms up and wave them "I'm over here!" until you get their attention.

2. You Surrender, " Ok, Ok, I'm not going to fight you any more, I'm not going to run, I Surrender".

3. You need rescued and you are trying to get your Rescuers attention. "I'm down here, please, give me your hand and pull me up! 4. "God, I'm just going to praise you, praise You for what you are going to do, praise you for What You have done and praise You for who You are!"

Now, just think about that for a moment and put them all together.

Put your arms up and wave them like your life depends on it.

"God, I'm Here!!

I give up fighting against you Lord, I'm not going to runaway anymore. I need your help please pull me through this mess, this storm, these feelings of tiredness and doubt! God, I'm just going to praise You for all that you are doing in my life, because I trust You Lord and You are in control! Thank You Jesus"! Now go fight your battle knowing your gonna win, because God is in control of the fight!

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